Michael Kerr (GOsC)

Micky first contacted the Northern Institute of Massage when he was 14 years old – his father, Paddy, had been involved in an industrial accident in which he broke his back and the family had been told that he would need rehabilitation.  At that time Micky sent for a prospectus from NIM – which he still has today!

Of course he was too young to go to the college but never forgot about it, and shortly after he and Gina married he commenced his education with the Northern.  He subsequently completed the Diploma in Remedial Massage, the Advanced Diploma and also the Diploma in Manipulative therapy.

Since that Micky has become the principal tutor for not only the Northern Institute of Massage in Bury but also for our own Northern Ireland School of Massage here in Derry/Londonderry.

Micky has been involved in sport from an early age, as a youth he boxed at Ulster and Irish National level – unfortunately a traumatic head injury finished his boxing career early.  However this did lead him to have a personal understanding of pain and treatment.

Later on Micky got involved in triathlon and he has since competed in Ironman races having finished the Lanzarote Ironman 10 times, also finishing numerous half-ironman races, marathons, half marathons and ultra cycle races.

Micky has been in business as a practitioner for over 25 years and is well known and sought out with elite sports people – particularly in the arena of World and British Superbikes and Moto GP.  He also treats athletes in all sporting arenas and the general public. He is now a registered Osteopath.

Micky is married to Gina who is the practice manager at Bodycare Injury Clinic.



Peter Finch (manip, nammt)

Peter has been a Tutor for the last 6 years at The Northern Ireland School of Massage and has been part of the team at Bodycare Injury Clinic for 9 years.

Peter’s background would mainly be in football and athletics, playing football locally until a serious knee injury occurred, since then Peter has always had an interest in rehabilitation.

Peter’s career has also been closely linked with NIM he has completed all his training through the Institute and is now one of the tutors for The Northern Ireland School of Massage teaching the Remedial and Advanced Remedial Diploma courses.